About ROAR! Electronic Music Under Attack

Over the last decade, anti-dance and anti-music hysteria has taken hold in local and federal governments. New legislation has threatened to mark loud music, DJs and all musicians, fashion, bottled water, and freedom of assembly and expression as evidence of criminal wrongdoing. We have seen a wave of illegitimate prosecutions and harassment of venue owners, promoters, club goers and the characterization of electronic music and venues as a threat to the public. With the passage of laws like the RAVE Act of 2003, it has become increasingly clear that the government’s goal is to systematically intimidate club owners and promoters into closing their doors and is deterring patrons from their favorite venues. This is already having a chilling effect on the economy of American nightlife and poses an immediate threat to the live music industry. This intimidation is a danger to a vibrant intersection of races, genders, cultures, artists and musicians. These laws are anti-youth, anti-freedom, anti-music and anti-business and can be seen as racist and homophobic. It’s time to join and let everyone else know. Help ROAR! fight for our freedoms!

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