Mountain Bike Shoes – Comparing Shoe Types

Mountain bike is a thrilling sport that is enjoyed on tough roads and rough terrains. Mountain bikes and shoes are the most important factors that must be considered prior commencing on the journey. A slight mistake while choosing propermountain biking bikes or shoes can lead you to frequent falls and disastrous injuries. Bikes ensure proper grip on road while shoes assure proper grip on pedal and the combination works for a perfect biking experience all through the deadly turns.

Mountain bike shoes incorporate cleats which are mostly recessed into the soles that enable an easy walk for the mountain climbers. The lacing system with a rip-stick system and buckles to adjust the fit of the shoe are the other major attractions of mountain biking shoes. Mountain bike shoes come in various price ranges and a plethora of options are available to choose from.

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Some of the most highlighting features in mountain biking shoes include light weight, ankle protection, waterproof liners and many more. The prices shoot high owing to the features and better quality. The differenttype of mountain biking shoes is mentioned below and the comparison of best mountain bike shoes is highlighted.

Road Bike Shoes

Road bike shoes are generally light weight and house smooth outsoles with commendable ventilation. The road bike shoes are often distinguished with their stiff soles that also facilitate power transfer to the pedals and add to the efficiency while pedaling.

These shoes are slightly less flexible and lack traction which makes them less preferred for extended walking. Carbon fibers are used in these shoes to reduce their weight and enhance the sole rigidity. As the prices soar high the road bike shoes have more customizations like rubber pad on the heels to provide traction.

The road bike shoes use either 2-hole cleat system or a 3-hole cleat system that mounts to clip less pedal system.

Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bike shoes have a moderate stiff sole that offers efficient pedaling and a rubber lug outsole to give good traction that enables one to enjoy walking on rugged trails or slick. The cleats for mountain bike shoes are recessed into the soles which makes extended walking much easier as compared to road bike shoes. Mountain bike shoes are more preferred to casual road biking and touring.

They also provide lacing system and a rip stick system with buckles to adjust the fitting. Stiffer soles clubbed with improvised foot and ankle protection and waterproof liners are the features available on slightly prices mountain bike shoes. Some of the mountain bike shoes also promise removable toe spikes useful for traction on loose or soft ground.

Comparison Summary

The shoe outsole of road bike shoes is smooth while they are lugged for mountain bike shoes. On the other hand the shoe sole is too stiff for road bike shoes while moderately stiff for mountain bike shoes. The cleat style protrudes from sole for road bike shoes while it is recessed on the sole for mountain bike shoes. The other subtle differences have already been briefed above. You can also check out these comparisons of the best mountain bikes on the site.

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