How to get a Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Master Ball in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a game launched in July of 2016 in a selected number of countries. It was launched by Niantic. The game has earned a lot of popularity because of its different approach. What this game does is that it uses GPS of your device and maps it on the game. Them the avatar that you had chosen will trail that map. As you move the avatar will move accordingly. Only while moving around you will face wild Pokémons. To catch them you have to aim and throw Pokeballs at them.


You will be able to see Pokémons in real life through your device’s camera. Once caught you can raise that Pokémon and use it to fight other gamers. To catch high CP Pokémons you need the right ball. There are four kinds of balls. One is pokeball that is provided to every gamer at the beginning of the game and can be taken from any pokestop. The other kinds are Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Master Ball. Great Ball can be found easily but Ultra and Master Balls are hard to find. So how to find these balls? Here is a little help –

How to get a Great Ball?

Pokeballs are good for catching low CP Pokémon. When you are just a beginner pokeballs are just fine for you as you only get low CP Pokémon. But as you increase your level and face Pokémon of higher CP then you need pokeballs of more power. So for that there is Great Ball. Once you are at level 12 you will receive Great Balls. Also in pokestops instead of pokeballs you will find Great Balls. They are capable of catching Pokémon of high CP.

How to get an Ultra Ball?

When you advance through the game Pokémon get harder to catch because of their high CP. And for you to advance in the game and win hard battles having high CP Pokémon is an advantage. But Great Balls or Pokeballs cannot easily catch such high CP Pokémon. So at level 20 you get access to Ultra Balls. These balls help you to catch High CP Pokémon. They are hard to come by so you should not waste them.

How to get a Master Ball?

The most high level Pokémon and super rare Pokémon can only be caught by Master Ball. These balls are only available to you once you are at level 30. These balls are very rare so they must be used only for rare Pokémon. Legendary Pokémon can also be caught by this ball only if they are seen.

These higher level balls make it easier for gamers to catch high CP Pokémons. But these balls are rare so you will have to roam around a great deal to have these balls. Also to find rare Pokémons you have to put in a lot of effort. Pokeballs are meant to help only if you find the right Pokémon. So what are you waiting for? Download Pokemon Go APK to play and enjoy the latest features of this amazing game.

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